We are the national reference in the luxury watch market repair

We are the official repair shop for Swiss brands such as ROLEX, JAEGER-LECOULTRE, FRANCK MULLER, TAG HEUER, CHOPARD, among others. The rigor and precision of these brands is part of our DNA, the passion and care for your watches are part of our daily routine. In our workshop you will find all the machinery approved by the different brands, expert technicians, whose training is certified by the brands, and all our repairs are liable to the international official warranty of the brands.

Feature 01

We make a rigorous diagnosis of the Watch

After reception of the watch in our workshop, we check and register the data of the watch, its state and document it with photos. After completing the registration, the watch goes to the watchmaker with the descriptions of the problems encountered by the watch owner; then the diagnostic phase begins.

Feature 02

We pick up the clock wherever you are

You can deliver your watch directly to the Autoquartzo workshop or if you prefer more convenience and comfort, we advise delivery by courier. We send a box designed exclusively for Autoquartzo service for your address, without any effort.

Feature 03

Track all the process on the online platform

On our platform you can check the evolution of your watch repair anytime, anywhere. You can choose to be notified in any of the new steps your watch goes through.